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I am a Doctoral researcher for the SNF-research project : 'Suspension of judgement. Its nature and its norms' directed by Prof. Dr. Anne Meylan and Dr. Benoit Gaultier, University of Zurich.

A Member of the Zurich Epistemology Group on Rationality (ZEGRa) and of the GRÉ - Groupe de Recherche en Epistémologie du Collège de France (Paris).

I am currently working on the metaphysics and epistemology of doxastic states, the epistemology of disagreement, and the nature of inquiry.

My area of specialisization is epistemology. My other areas of interest are philosophy of mind and ancient philosophy.

Since 09/2020
PhD student, Employed in the "Suspension of Judgement. Its nature and its norms" research project.
My supervisor is Prof. Dr. Anne Meylan.

I received my Master of Arts in Philosophy (Research) at the University of Nice with a Master Thesis on "Les désaccords philosophiques. Entre scepticisme métaphilosophique et optimisme épistémique", supervised by. Pr. Pierre-Yves Quiviger.

University of Zurich

Benoit Guilielmo (forthcoming). Inquiry, Questions, and Actions. Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review. (external link).
Guilielmo, B. & Mudry, L. (2021). Suspension du jugement. L'encyclopédie philosophique. (external link).